Job-Hunting Printables Pack

Curated from among the free and paid, premium printables at the 100-plus sites, these forms, trackers, and other items were specially selected to help with the oftenoverwhelming process of searching for a new job.
This collection of 25 printables is handy for job seekers whether they’re entering the workforce, rebooting a career, or between jobs. There are items from,,,, and several other sites. When both a PDF and DOC (Microsoft Word) version are available, both versions have been included. You can customize and print these items as many times as you’d like for your own personal use.
This Job Hunting Printables Pack also includes an Exclusive Job Application Tracker created just for this collection. When you have a lot of applications out, it’s important to keep track of who was contacted when, pay and benefits, interview dates, and other details. There’s a DOC version, plus an XLS version that works with Excel and other spreadsheet programs.

Lists and Trackers

There’s a lot to keep track of during the job hunt, so besides the exclusive Job Application Tracker, you’ll find a priority-based checklist and a password list. We’ve also included a budget and expense reports, including for travel. (These may be useful for tax purposes.)


Three fully customizable resumes in various styles are included so you can pick one that best suits your job search. Letters The curated collection includes several business letters of use to job seekers. There’s a sample reference letter and a letter asking someone to write a reference. There are two cover letter examples, including one that matches a resume template. Plus, find a thank you letter for sending after an interview and a letter of intent for accepting a job offer. Of course, all these letters are customizable.


For your career communication needs, there’s a sheet of business letterhead, a business card, and a fax cover sheet.

Calendars and Planners

This Pack includes a weekly planner with two months also displayed. There are also the complete, 12-month versions of our most popular calendar for the years 2020 and 2021.


When you need to jot down some note related to your job search, grab a sheet of wide or college ruled lined paper. Or, try out Cornell Note Paper which has room to take notes alongside your notes. There’s also a sheet of graph paper.