College Printables Pack

Curated from among the free and paid, premium printables at the 100-plus sites, these forms, trackers, and other items were specially selected to help with the process of transitioning into an adult world and a university setting.
This collection of 30 printables is handy for students, whether they’re moving into a dorm, starting up new classes, or moving across the country. There are items from,,,, and This College Printables Pack also includes an Exclusive Hourly Course Schedule created just for this collection.
When both a PDF and DOC (Microsoft Word) version are available, both versions have been included. You can customize and print these items as many times as you’d like for your own personal use.

Classes and Assignments

Coursework is the most important part of the college experiences. These templates include trackers for course schedules, essays, homework, and study guides. There are also paper designs for lined pages and graph paper.

Dorm Arrangements

There are packing lists and grocery lists available to make sure that your dorm room is outfitted with everything you need (as long as it’s allowed at the school). There is also a dorm roommate contract outlining agreed-upon behavior and etiquette in the shared room.


Income and expenses are covered in the printable budgets and contracts provided in this section. There is a contract for finances between a student and their parent, a grocery budget, and a tutoring contract.


Whether your school runs on semesters or quarters, it’s important to plan ahead. There are perpetual calendars, daily and weekly planners and quarterly breakdowns for planning out midterms, finals, homework, and events.

Other Printables

A lot of things can be important in a college setting. Track your grades, keep records of your vaccinations, and menu plan for the week with these printables.