Back-to-School Printables Pack

Curated from among the free and paid, premium printables at the 100-plus sites, these forms, trackers, and other items were specially selected to help with preparing for the upcoming academic year.
This collection of 50 printables is handy for students, parents, and teachers who are gearing up to go back to school. There are items from,,,,,, and more.
This document contains a rundown of what you’ll find in this Back-to-School Printables Pack. When both a PDF and DOC (Microsoft Word) version are available, both versions have been included. You can customize and print these items as many times as you’d like for your own personal use. This pack also features the exclusive Back-to-School Supplies List.

Art and Decorations

Celebrate the beginning of the school year with welcoming banners, “First Day of School” signs, school-themed coloring pages, and decorative stationery.

Getting Ready

Great for parents and older students, the printables for back-to-school preparations include a shopping list, a list of items to make or buy, chore charts, and decorative name tags.


There are a lot of ways to observe the start of school! Some options for schools and families are these flyers, mailing address labels, and classroom gift tags.

Parent Forms

Parents and teachers alike will want to make sure they share student information forms, outlining everything from medical requirements to authorized pickup contacts to transportation options to individualized education plans (IEPs).


Students of all ages can benefit from these printable planners. There are some that are designed as posters or chore charts for younger students, while others are broken down by subjects, arranged for study guides, and organized alongside a calendar. There is also a reading log and a library book tracker.

School Supplies

If your student or teacher has to provide their own supplies, these forms can be useful substitutes. Printable dot paper, graph paper, and lined notebook paper are just the beginning. There are also rulers and protractors, labels, book report templates, a periodic table of the elements, and a Venn diagram outline.