Do I need any special paper to print on?

It depends. If you're printing coloring pages, fax cover sheets, receipts, calendars, grocery lists and many other home or business printables, regular printer paper is fine.

For a more-professional look on resumes, cover letters, certificates or stationery, you may opt for resume paper, which has a heavier weight and a nice texture.

If you're printing business cards, recipe cards or gift tags, it's best to use cardstock or another heavyweight paper, which can be purchased in packs and is quite affordable at office supply stores, retailers and online. Cardstock should work fine in most inkjet and laser printers.

You may choose to print greeting cards on either plain paper or cardstock.

Where's the printable I ordered?

The certificates, business cards, recipe cards and other premium printables should begin downloading right after you pay via PayPal, and an email with a link is sent as well.

If you don't see the downloaded file, check to see if it saved to your desktop. If you can't locate it, please try to download it again. If you didn't get the email, please check your spam folder — sometimes they end up there.

Once it downloads, you need to open the file in Microsoft Word, not WordPad or any other program. (Unless it's .DOC-compatible, such as Google Documents.) Start Word, then choose File, then Open. Now it's ready to edit and print!

A short video showing the process is here.

The printable downloaded, but it's blank.

Please make sure you're opening the printable in Microsoft Word, not WordPad or any other program. (Rather than double-clicking on the file icon, you should try opening Word and choose File and then Open to open it from there.)

If it still doesn't open, please reboot your computer and try opening the file again. Some of the certificate files are large. Freeing up memory by rebooting can solve the problem.

What's the difference between the free and paid version?

Some of the free printables, such as certificates and recipe cards, come in two versions: as a free PDF and in customizable .DOC format for a small fee.

The PDFs can easily be downloaded for free, and in the case of certificates and recipe cards, you simply print them out and write in the spaces or on the lines provided. You can't change anything on the document on the computer. Some people prefer the premium .DOC version, so they can edit the file in Microsoft Word and save it with their names or other text on it.

Also, by purchasing the .DOC version you can edit out the FreePrintable URL if you'd like. Both .DOC versions of the business cards are identical, except on the free version you cannot remove the URL. Please note that graphic images (such as the titles and borders of the certificates and the background of business cards) are embedded in the files and cannot be changed.

Once you purchase a document, be sure to save it to your computer's hard drive, because you can edit and print it as many times as you'd like, forever.

Why can't I type on the free printable?

Please see the previous question and answer. You won't be able to type on or otherwise alter the PDF versions. In a .DOC version, however, whether it's free or paid, you simply need to click in the area where the placeholder words are and type over them with you own text. Or, begin typing on the provided blank lines.

Can you create a specific business card, letterhead or fax cover sheet design for my use? aims to offer a broad selection of printables that will be of use to many people. Sometimes we get inquiries from people seeking designs or topics that are just too specific to be of general use. In this case, we suggest that users consider finding a logo designer.

With that said, we do welcome and thank users for all suggestions. In fact, we add new business cards, certificates and other printables all the time and many of those additions are thanks to the suggestions from our fine visitors!

I'd like to print out the clipart.

When you're viewing and see something you'd like to print, you can either: (1) Click on the image and it will show up in your browser window. Then, just choose "Print" from your browser's File window and it will print from there; or (2) You can use your mouse to right-click on the image, choose "Save Image As" and save it to your computer so you can then open it in an editing program just like you would a photo.

I'm still having trouble.

Please feel free to contact us with any issues or suggestions. If you're getting an error message, please mention what it is, because that may help us solve the problem.

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